Mayor's Run/Walk to  
Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer


About the Northern NJ NOCC

The Northern NJ NOCC was Founded in Memory...

Marion Layer Satterthwaite

The Northern NJ NOCC was founded in 2001 by Marion Satterthwaite and Susan Bazaar, both in the memory of their moms. Marion's mom, Marion Layer Satterthwaite, 86, was working fulltime (!!), commuting three hours a day, using a chainsaw to cut wood and totally defying her age. Unfortunately, she had not seen a gynecologist since the birth of her daughter many years before. Six weeks after her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, Marion's mother passed away. It was only later that her daughters, Helen Harris and Marion realized that their mother's feelings of fullness, bowel changes and bloating were symptoms of the disease.

Susan shared the following about her mom Sylvia Seligman Samnick: "It will be 16 years this coming December that my mom passed away. At least six to eight months before she was correctly diagnosed she had been seeing her primary care doctor, her gynecologist and a urologist. None of these doctors recognized her ovarian cancer even though her symptoms were very evident. It was not until she went to a gynecological oncologist that she was properly diagnosed. She was not only my mom, my fan club, but my dearest friend." Working together for the past 7 years Marion and Susan have created a place for women to come and learn, and reach out to the communities of Northern New Jersey with a very important, lifesaving message.

Ovarian Cancer...   It Whispers, So Listen!

Three quarters of the approximately 20,000 women annually diagnosed with ovarian cancer succumb to the disease. Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women and the leading cause of death among gynecological cancers. When ovarian cancer is detected in its early stage, 94% of women will survive longer than 5 years. Unfortunately, less than 20% of patients are diagnosed in the early stages; 80% will not be diagnosed until the cancer is at an advanced stage. The survival rate with late stage diagnosis is as low as 29%.  The most effective way a woman can protect herself against ovarian cancer is to become educated so she can make informed decisions about her health.

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are said to whisper.

Know your bodies, know the symptoms
and always be your own best advocate!

First National Consensus Statement
(June 13, 2007 ~ NOCC joins GFC and 18 other organizations)

Symptoms recognized to be more prevalent among women with Ovarian Cancer than women in the general population:

bullet Bloating
bullet Pelvic or abdominal pain
bullet Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
bullet Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)